• About Catalyst

    Masterful leaders inspire and move others to action. They have high levels of self-awareness and grace under pressure. They are able to maintain a vision for the future while adapting and pivoting when necessary. They are clear in their communication and guided by a strong sense of purpose. They play big and lead high-powered, influential lives with joy and balance.


    Catalyst provides you with a 3-month journey to become a more masterful leader. During the program, you will magnify your presence, impact and influence. You will identify blind spots and obstacles to powerful leadership, receive immediate and actionable feedback, and have the opportunity to apply new leadership styles and behaviors. You will experience all of this with a group of established leaders from a variety of sectors. There is no horseback riding and no horsemanship experience is required.


    Why We Work With Horses

    Horses offer unwavering attention, remarkable perceptiveness, and unfiltered real-time feedback which allows you to accelerate your learning. By working in partnership with horses, you will integrate intellectual, emotional, and physical power. Let our horses inspire you to new levels of mastery and confidence.


    The Catalyst curriculum covers five key elements of leadership growth. You will emerge more confident in your ability to hold multiple perspectives and to create positive change. The program is designed to be deeply satisfying on both personal and professional levels. Tuition includes 5 experiential learning days, group evening sessions, private online community forum, 3 facilitated group-coaching calls and 2 individual coaching sessions.


    Stanford Red Barn Leadership Program Team

    Our development and facilitation teams are passionate and committed to learning and integrating the latest theories and practices from a variety of disciplines. In addition to years of teaching, coaching, and facilitating leadership, we have been and still are CEOs and VPs of large organizations, presidents, directors, chairpersons, founders of start-ups, professional athletes, mentors, and community leaders. Click here for bios


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    We are not currently offering this program. If you would like to reach Jacqueline Hartman, the Cofounder and Lead Facilitator, of this program, she can be reached at http://jacquelinehartman.com

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